Create Your First Event

To create your first event, navigate to the admin panel. Choose the community for which you wish to create an event and proceed to the next simple steps.

  1. The event name will highlight something special for your community, such as "Holiday Drop," "Token Launch Event," "Community Reward," and more.

  2. The Total Reward Pool represents the amount you are prepared to distribute among community users who participate. Please note that users will receive this reward automatically.

  3. The Reward Per Message is the specified amount of USDT that you are willing to distribute from the pool to users whose messages are verified by AI and marked as eligible for a reward within the system.

  4. After completing the first three steps, click "Approved" to authorize the smart contract to establish the reward structure.

In the Pool Settings, you will find the Event Name, Total Reward Pool, Reward Per Message, and the total number of eligible messages based on the settings you configured earlier.

  1. Choose the date on which you want to start the event. Keep in mind that the system allows you to create events only 24 hours before they are scheduled to begin. After selecting the date, choose the community in which you wish to launch the event. Remember that in GPT 360, you can be an admin of multiple communities simultaneously.

Launch your event. Your event will be highlighted in our leaderboard, and users of the GPT360 system will be able to find the next event and receive notifications within our system.

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