Platform Workflow

User Registration and Profile Creation: Users looking for connections (projects) register on our platform and complete detailed profiles, including startup information and connection preferences.

Posting Connections: Users post their connection requirements, including project details and desired collaborators, on the platform's common board.

Intermediary Matching: Registered intermediaries (middlemen) browse the common board to identify suitable projects based on their expertise and connections. They select specific projects, negotiate offers, or initiate communication with the relevant parties via Telegram (or other designated communication channels).

Connection Facilitation: Once an intermediary has successfully connected two parties, they update their profile with proof of connection, such as screenshots of created groups and introductions.

Transaction Facilitation: Upon agreement between the involved parties, the intermediary facilitates the transaction process. The party initiating payment (Party A) shares payment details or a payment link with the other party (Party B). Simultaneously, the intermediary receives the funds securely.

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