Referral Program

GPT360 is pleased to announce the introduction of a comprehensive referral program designed to enhance the growth of our ecosystem and incentivize community engagement. This program encourages users to invite friends to participate in various communities and Custom Events within the Chaterium Network, rewarding both the referrer and the referred users with additional earnings. This initiative is aimed at creating a self-sustaining marketing mechanism that not only drives ecosystem expansion but also facilitates the onboarding of Web2 users.

Program Mechanics

  • Incentives for Referees and Referrals: Users who invite their friends to join GPT360 are rewarded with 4% of their referral's earnings. Simultaneously, the new users referred to the platform receive a 4% bonus on their earnings. This reciprocal incentive structure ensures that both parties benefit from the program, encouraging ongoing participation and engagement.

  • Engagement and Earning Opportunities: The referral program is integrated with the platform's existing engagement mechanisms, including participation in diverse communities and Custom Events. Through this program, users can earn USDT by actively engaging in conversations and events, with the added bonus of referral earnings enhancing their overall rewards.

Benefits of the Referral Program

  • Self-Driven Marketing System: By incentivizing users to invite their friends, GPT360 leverages a powerful, user-driven marketing approach. This strategy not only increases the platform's visibility but also accelerates ecosystem growth by attracting a steady stream of new users.

  • Enhanced Ecosystem Growth: The referral program plays a pivotal role in expanding the GPT360 user base, including the strategic acquisition of Web2 users. By offering tangible rewards for both referrers and referrals, the program encourages a broader audience to explore and engage with the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities.

  • Active User Acquisition: The incentive structure is designed to attract active, engaged users who contribute to the vibrancy and dynamism of the GPT360 ecosystem. This focus on quality engagement supports the overall health and growth of the platform's communities.

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