Custom Events

GPT360 is expanding the Chaterium Network's capabilities with the introduction of "Custom Events," a feature that empowers community owners to create and manage engagement-driven events within their Telegram or Discord communities. This innovative tool is designed to enhance interaction, reward participation, and foster a vibrant community atmosphere.

Feature Functionality

  • Access through GPT360 Admin Panel: Community owners who have subscribed to GPT360 and paid for their community listing can access the admin panel. This dashboard serves as the command center for creating and managing custom events tailored to their community's unique needs and preferences.

  • Flexible Reward Settings: While setting up an event, owners can specify the reward per message, choosing between 0.025 to 0.1 USDT. This flexibility allows for customization based on the event's scale, the community's size, and the available reward pool.

  • Comprehensive Event Customization: Community owners have control over essential event parameters, including the reward pool size, event name, and the starting date and time. This level of customization ensures that each event can be tailored to achieve specific engagement goals.

  • AI-Moderated Engagement and Fair Reward Distribution: To ensure fairness and relevance in participation, GPT360 employs sophisticated AI technology to monitor and verify the quality of messages during an event. This system ensures that rewards are distributed fairly among participants, based on their meaningful engagement within the community.

Benefits for Community Owners and Participants

  • Increased Community Engagement: By incentivizing active participation, Custom Events encourage users to engage more deeply within the community, leading to increased interaction and a more vibrant community environment.

  • Fair and Transparent Reward System: The integration of AI technology for message verification ensures that rewards are distributed based on genuine, quality engagement. This transparency builds trust among participants and motivates continued involvement.

  • Enhanced Visibility and Attractiveness: Custom Events make communities more appealing to both existing members and potential new users. The opportunity to earn rewards for participation can attract a broader audience, expanding the community and enhancing its dynamism.

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