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Introduction of X Integration Feature for Chaterium Network

GPT360 is set to enhance the Chaterium Network with an innovative X Integration feature, designed to bridge social media engagement with community interaction on Telegram and Discord. This new functionality allows community owners to further engage their audience and drive social media interactions directly from their preferred chat platforms.

Feature Functionality

  • X Account Linking: Community owners can seamlessly link their project's X account through the GPT360 admin panel. This integration enables the automatic scraping and broadcasting of the latest tweets to their Telegram or Discord communities, creating a direct channel for social media content within these platforms.

  • Engagement Requirement for Chat Unmuting: To foster engagement, the chat will be temporarily muted following the broadcast of a tweet, and will only be unmuted after achieving a predetermined number of retweets and likes. This threshold is customizable by the community owner in the admin panel, allowing for flexibility in engagement goals.

  • User X Account Integration: Users of GPT360 can link their X accounts to their GPT360 website profiles, enabling them to interact with tweets (such as retweeting and liking) directly through Telegram or Discord. This seamless integration encourages active participation in social media campaigns without leaving the chat environment.

Rewards and Incentives

  • Points System: Users engaging with the X Integration feature by liking or retweeting content will earn points. These points are credited to their GPT360 accounts, contributing to their overall engagement metrics.

  • Battlepass Progress and Rewards: Engagement through this feature not only accrues points but also advances the user's progress on the GPT360 Battlepass. This progression is tied to various rewards, further incentivizing participation and interaction with social media content.

  • Enhanced Community Engagement: This feature is designed to amplify social media visibility and engagement for community projects. By leveraging the active user base within Telegram and Discord, community owners can significantly increase the reach and impact of their X content, driving both social media and community engagement in tandem.


The X Integration feature for the Chaterium Network represents a significant advancement in how community owners can leverage social media within chat platforms. By integrating X engagement directly into Telegram and Discord, GPT360 not only enhances the user experience but also creates a powerful tool for community growth, engagement, and reward. This feature exemplifies GPT360's commitment to innovative solutions that support community owners and users alike, further solidifying its position as a comprehensive platform for digital community engagement and growth.

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